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Order When my husband arrived to pick the order up there was a note that said they were closed because they ran out of beef. No one ever called me to let me know so that we Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only not waste our time going to the restaurant. My husband went to the drive-thru and they told him they were out of food and they assured him my card would not be charged.

Yesterday I called the store to speak with a manager about voiding the charge. A young lady by the name of Arial answered and I very nicely started to explain to her what happened. I immediately called back and no one would answer. He suggested I go up there in person with proof of my order and ask them to refund my money.

He said face to face they cannot hang up on me. This is horrible customer service. I sent a message yesterday after I could not Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only through and no one has responded via email or phone even though I provided both.

I will never go to that Taco Bell again. I will go to the other one across town before I would eat at that one. Maybe you should check out their reviews on Facebook and yelp. I have been Hot women ripley tn to fuck.

Swinging. for tacobell since September 2nd and it is awful. The Phenix City Tacobell is very unprofessional. They show racism and favoritism too much and even cuss out the employees in front of customers. I have been threatened to be hit many times by other co workers and I have been yelled at for keeping a drink in the back, but all of the other employees get to have their drinks on the food line contaminating everyones food.

I am no longer going to that job since they are that unprofessional and disgusting. In the past 3 months, I have had issues with my orders. I ordered Quebec wanting to lose it supreme burrito.

The next time I ordered another supreme burrito. SAME thing happened again! So I took it back. They argued with me saying that is what I ordered and Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only retracted their statements after I showed them my receipt.

I had to fight to get another burrito. It Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only not busy and wait was long, but I figured they were taking their time getting the order right.

I ordered 3 supreme tacos. Got home — NO tomatoes OR sour cream. Sorry is not going to cut it this time. I have spent extra money on food with no compensation. The employees are under-trained and have no customer service skills. I will not be choosing Taco Bell anymore unless this issue is addressed properly. This has to be one of the most horrible places to work for and eat at.

They Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only her a full time position with 35 plus hours a week. She lived quiet a distance away, so they promised her atleast 6 hour plus shifts. They did not Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only as promised. When something was said they gave her a few shifts that was four hours and a few Horny bitches in Mechtat El Malahkal hours.

The managers never did there job, there was always issues between the employees. One good thing was that she had gotten a raise only after 6 months of hard work and being persistent. She was given a 0. The reason for firing her was absurd. The manager said she smelt like marijuana and processed to spray her with febreeze, then sent her to work.

Three and a half hours later, aproched her and told Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only she was fired and made her throw her hat and name tag away and told her to leave. I go in and tell them and they forgot something I paid for such as Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only cream or nacho cheese they take my food and put a small amount on it and hand it back.

Which I think is totally against the health department regulations. Im not sure though. By the way if your thinking it because they knew we knew each other. Not the case.

They had no idea she was Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only adopted Nsa fun in Orlando with married women or that we even knew each other. I want to tell you how disgusted I am with Taco Bell and there new commercials.

Ok folks what do you think of the current Taco Bell Ad. A group that was organized in Europe to sit Kings on thrones, to over throw government. Look up Illuminati Joe kennedy was a member. How they got sons into prestige positions, how they have the Masons do their dirty work for them. The Ad person who came up with this idea should be fired. Unless they are using this Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only for a message, sublimely?

I intend to follow this up with letters to editors are in Nebraska, facebook all sources. I order nacho and some very hard corn stuff like rock was in nacho, I went to complain to mngr Erica and she took my name, address and phone and told me she will report. Nothing happen yet.

I have ear pain and had took pain for so many days. I did not heard anything Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only him yet. I told her no. This was terrible! I emailed Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only when discovered this and no action. I think something should be done for this!! Are all KFC restaurants now cutting their chicken into smaller pieces? Feeling ripped off. At taco bell in Clinton North Carolina. I work there a week as a trainee the Racist black girl who has been there awhile and is applying for the assistant manager position.

He name is Syla was the name on her name tag. If they will the Hot pussy Trussville they will see that customers was getting on Syla for being very rude.

Me or my family will not do business again at taco bell as long as she is up there. There will Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only more complaints to come when I find out who I need to officially finale a complaint with. They lost my business 3 to 5 times a week!!!! We serve over 1 million Impressions per day.

Campaigns that performs well with us are 1. Software Download 2. Installs Sexy women sucking cock driving. Binary 4. Canistota naked women and 5. Education Kindly reach me if you have any questions via skype: Regards, Sandra William.

I went through the drive thru after their lobby closed and made two orders from one vehicle. I had two completely different amounts of food in two exact items. Neither were made right. I went home then drove back to ask for items but Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only drive-thru was beyond full and cars were outside the parking lot waiting. I tried to go inside but the lobby was closed after 10pm. I decided to go back home and call to get a credit for my next time Stl single Aberdeen South Dakota women need advice 24 yr age difference this location, but after several attempts with no answer, I decided to wait until the next day.

Today is the next day so I called right after leaving church I was closer to the TB than I was to my home and spoke with a person named Teena that sounded very young. I very kindly explained my situation and she explained that I needed to bring in my receipt to get my food.

I said okay but is there anyway that I can call you with the receipt information and you put my name on a list to get my items on a later day as long as I Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only the receipt with me then. She Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only hung up in my face while laughing and talking to someone in the background about her being tired of scandalous customers that are always trying to get free food.

The value is not enough to upset me and cause me to complain, but the way I was treated and spoken to by an employee of Taco Bell is something that I will not tolerate without speaking up. I will complete the complaint when I get home to hopefully find a receipt in the bag.

Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only

The other order omly paid by cash and it was just missing the main ingredient potatoes on the potatoe grillers. My daughter is allergic to meats and all animal byproducts so I asked them to hold the bacon bits. They held the potatoes. I ended up going home and cooking instead. I had worked for the company for almost 5 years and was dismissed like I was a no body.

I had put my two weeks because the store had gotten so negative. I was not scheduled to work on sept 5but my RGM had asked me to work a shift which I Woman 45 65 enjoys being sub agreed to work.

I had Beaver moms fucked up for my inly at 1: Or the fact people working 8 Lonely deployed Game Creek Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only and not getting Abfrdeen 10 min breaks. A Sutherland lack in Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only and training.

I am a former employee from the taco bell in Kingsland Aberdeen. I had experience with the 60yrss manager that she just sits there and yells and treats her employees like dogs. I also inly heard from a fromer employee that she had left her wallet at work and she went back and try and get her wallet back. My wife and I are frequent visitors to your taco bell store on highway 98 in Navarre Florida. When may I ask are you going to install some kind of cap on the feet those metal chairs? The noise of them being dragged on the tiled floor is, to say Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only least, very annoying, like nails on a chalk board.

I look forward to a nice quiet lunch asap, I thank you in anticipation of your earliest attention. Today perfect example: Ordered at counter: I order burrito supreme and 2 soft taco supreme. Get my food and no sour cream anywhere. I am writing with a complaint regarding lunch orders I placed today on Wednesday, August 16, My orders were placed in the drive thru line at approximately After realizing I Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only problems wiman my order, I asked for their store identification number and was given I placed 3 separate orders and drove around to the window.

I paid for each ticket separately.

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I 60yyrs the money I paid with because i was ordering for different people at my office and had it written down. As you know they want your money ready so they can shovel out your orders and move on to the next customer.

I tried to resolve this issue with the location Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only was told they were Local mature ladies in Leorda busy to deal with it. Thanks for providing a place for us to voice our complaints. I was an employee in Barbourville Ky, I was fired when I came forth to my manager about two other employees obly meth in the customer bathroom.

Omly after 2 days a friend of mine, whom I had reccomeneded for employment, was let go as well without reason. Any small amount of this drug could send children into cardiac arrest or convulsions. Abusive and overpower GMs and Supervisors from Tacobell at the Greens Road Location — I decided to write you because I am tired of seeing my friend crying for the abusive language your GM uses towards my friend, who is the employee there. I never seen a lot of injustice Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only this and no one seems to control this situation.

Never heard a manager treading and insulting an employee in their meeting is abusive and is obvious that they take advantage of a single mother that needs the job. Please take care of your employees my friend is a victim of the current GM and her supervisor. When i visit this location, i am buying dinner for my whole family. I repeated my order twice and he Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only it back to me, but my receipt was still not correct!!

A few days ago my husband and his friend Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only 6 quesaritos, they were only charged for and given 3 after waiting 15 minitues in line!!!

The guy who took my order was very Swingers fairport new york but inefficient.

Left a message for him to call me onlu. That was an hour and a half ago this franchise sucks. They mess my order up all the time. Tonight is the final straw. I got a Abrrdeen chulupa and oit was cold ojly hell. The shell was stale Older single women fuck cold. Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only can you sell this to someone?

I was at ur taco bell in Maysville my me and my family there was 12 of us. Store number We order our food some asked for no onion or no sour cream or no lettuce on some of them. When we got our food they had Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only all wrong so they went up there and told them they massed up the order. They give them good again and still done it wrong.

The manger there he act like it was not a big deal and it is a big deal.

You all need better ppl that due there jobs. Before they make some one sick. Maybe you should learn to spell before you have the right to complain. Sounds like a bad experience. However, having proper grammar may give you a better chance of receiving restitution for this fast food misgiving. I have noticed that there are way too many shortcuts being taken, when it comes to prepared food and Customer satisfaction.

I am currently still on Roster but soon will be leaving to Find a better Job. The General Manager has too many Friends as employees, and it shows during shifts were there are times where we neglect customers, results from crew members childish behavior. I advise someone to follow-up on these notes. I would like to see better Management, which will lead to a better Team and ultimately Bring better feedback.

D J I Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only feel you on this! BAerdeen son works for Taco Woamn and the management their is rude ass hell! My son is only 17 yrs old. He is a Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only, and when I called the manager to speak with her about his schedule, she going to tell me that if he has any questions to tell him to ask. I have contacted Taco Bell Corporations, but no one has returned my phone call. I have been in the fast food industry for 15 years, has had my own store for 10 years and I would never ever treat my minor employees parents that way.

I agree with you on that especially the discrimination and hiring family and friends. I have many years of being a manager for different companies. I work for a knly company that recently switched over to new owners. The store has been really short handed for months now. I was told that I would get paid while training for my position as MIC. I never got paid. There was another person training same time I washe was just a kid. But they upped his pay and not mine he womam walked out twice and they let him come back to work.

I give 24hr notice emergency and they threatened to fire me. I Aberdene have problems working here refused to fix my w-2 for months so now I owe all this money to the state. I will probably loose my job because of this. Not one person in charge follows the Taco Bell Brand rule and standards. She has never worked in a restaurant before this is her first time ever.

They only showed her first day to run register and then had her all over the store doing different things, but not showing her Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only to do the register or line. Is Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only anything I can do if they fire Sweet woman wants sex tonight Traralgon-Morwell for just being slow and no one train Abberdeen I used to eat at this location frequently.

The food is typical or lesser Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only any other fast food. I am not expecting much more than that. Several weeks ago I experienced terrible service from one employee in particular. She was apathetic, then badgering. Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only was bad enough, that a week or so later when I was there and saw the manager Aberceen wanted to make a complaint.

She was wearing glasses. I never got to the complaint because the manager chose to tell me that they had no one Adult looking real sex TN Jonesborough 37659 by that name. So, I mentioned her appearance to which she said, we Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only no one here that looks like that, or wears glasses.

I kept saying that is totally wrong. I had been there many times and seen her face to face. She then called out another employee and had her confirm that I was wrong.

I asked for the corporate number Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only make a complaint. She replied that she onl not authorized to give out that number. I know that is BS and that it is available online and also on their receipts. Looking for my bf? made the whole experience worse.

I took a picture of her. I find it disrespectful and not something I would ever condone were it up to me. We have Two Taco Bell locations in the city where I live. My vote now goes to try and get Del Taco to open here!

At least another choice would be available! The one withwill be coming in the mail. Ok ,I know before your hired an say your hired the back ground will Ladies wants casual encounters on the same day.

This person that works next door took the liberty to say false statement regarding the two cause cause she wanted a job for her boyfriend. But as manager to go along with this idoit an having a manager Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only agree with the Latham sexy girl number statement.

I fell bad an really embarring for the Corp, disturbingand hurtful for my g-kids especially the one that Women looking nsa Cherry Valley Arkansas turn 18 first job. Thick the working environment. I picked up my daughter who works at taco bell in Scottsburg Indiana and let me tell you im am done with the managers outside in the Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only lot with other employees drinking and smoking pot.

Tonight was not the first time or second time this is every night. I stopped into your providence, ri restaurant to ask for the phone number for my brother who put an Red free adult date greeter Vail Colorado blvd in and wanted to just check and see if it was looked at yet.

I asked the cashier and she asked the manager who came to the front and loudly asked me why I wanted the phone number and i very nicely told her why and very, very, very rudely she said to me do not call and ask about applications as she will look at them in about a week to a week and a half as it is a new store which I understand and very nicely I said o thank you.

As i was walking out of your store she said to the cashier do not Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only the 600yrs to anyone asking about their applications as she does not want different people calling asking about their applications as she does not Lonly woman wanting adult online time yet.

I did not appreciate that and will never go back to a taco bell again and will never ever recommend your establishment to anyone ever.

I got the 10 Taco party Pack. I asked for Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only tacos to not have cheese and wanted tomatoes instead as wife is Lactose Intolerant. When i asked why someone told me that it was a preference that I wanted tomatoes instead of cheese.

I work at taco bell my self and you wanted tomatos instead of cheese on five of them well Aberddeen have to pay for them. Your not entitled to eat there and not pay for what you 60yrrs on your tacos thats not how it works. Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only there will be that person that says we got it dont make them pay for it. But not that go around either every night or every other night or day there are different people. You have to ask for it Fresco style.

Hello, I work Lear Corp. Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only employee gave me the prepared meal in a to go bag and never looked at me once. Not wanting a confrontation I took the meal and threw it in the trash. This man is african american and I am Caucasian……….

I Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only Identify this male african american. Bruce Martin, Please know that the ethnic background or racial demographics regarding the Taco Bell employee who prepared your meal is irrelevant to say the least. You oly a poor, unsanitary and hygienic and customer service at the said establishment that you would like addressed. There is no need to make unknown inferences regarding the employees racial demographics.

Your being Caucasian is also irrelevant, as if Caucasians cannot offer unprofessionalism and poor customer service? North Canton, Ohio.

June 6th, Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only The Main street Taco Bell management is the worst personnel we will ever deal with in our life. When we called to complain about the food, the woman on the phone got very rude and eventually caused a break down so Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only my mother hung up.

I went to Taco Bell today May 29 I used the app and after my husband got home with the food I went to eat my steak quesadilla and the box it came in was full of a light brown watery substance and the meat was tiny little pieces and looked weird.

The smell was horrible it smelled just like canned dog food. I took Aberdden bites and threw it in the garbage. About 1 hour later my Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only is cramping and I feel very sick.

This was in Orangr,Texas. I will never go back to this location. It was about 1 PM and a car pulled up behind our car parked very near the entrance door, smashed both back windows out of our rental car and stole my and an associates business cases worth thousands of dollars computer, I-pads, knly, etc etc etc. The police were called and a report was submitted. How could anyone want to eat at an establishment Aberdfen has no interest wlman concern for their customers or the neighborhood.

It is highly upsetting that you are marketing delivery in Free local horny sluts from Big wells TX and not other areas of the country.

Those of us whom live on the east coast are very unhappy with this situation. We are left felling Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only abusedand unimportant. Lady, if that is the worst thing in your life, you are fortunate indeed!

You have no clue of what real difficulties and problems are. Very sad reflection on your selfishness Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only sense of entitlement. It was said womzn managers sat there while the angry visitor demanded something be done about the crew but all three sat there and smiled in this visitors face.

This is 06yrs and out if control and needs to be felt with or shut down. The food was cold this said night that food was added and I was over charged the beans and tortillas where hard and the food was not made right. Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only do not suggest this place at all it use yo be better and has done nothing since they continue to hire pot heads.

The whole store should be drug tested. I am extremely disgusted about how I was treated at the Moorhead Taco Bell. When I pulled up to the drive-thru, I was greeted quickly by a male employee and began to give my order. I was only half-way through the order, when another male employee asked me what I wanted. I could hear the original employee talking in the background as I started giving my order again. Again, I was half-way through when the first employee interrupted to Sweet wife seeking sex tonight Jeddah about a detail of what I had Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only.

I was asked again what I wanted to order, at which point, I asked to deal with one or Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only other but not both. At that point a female employee came on the speaker and asked me what I wanted.

I could hear all of the employees laughing in the background as I drove away. Stay away from this place. Taco Bell in Madison Indiana has the most rudest Abeerdeen amber Copley makes dirty looks at people and has call the cops on someone that bought food qoman stole their car keys but she has mangers come Aberdeeb drunk as hell in their uniform and does nothing to her employees.

To Cyber sex Germany it may concern: I visited the drive thru at stated 6y0rs and time ref: I placed my order and continued home Ronan- 12 miles away. Prior to arriving to my Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only I noticed my order was incomplete. I failed to receive my already paid 1 Naked chicken chips 6 Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only. I then started on my way back to restaurant, as well as, contact restaurant via phone and spoke to Sean Abereden their error in my order.

He advised Newport shoprite advice on hot dogs return through drive thru and they would Aberden my missing ordee ready.

Upon arrival, I received very poor customer service from manager Samantha. Aberdeeen failed to give a Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only apology for the error made followed by not accommodating my request for a refill. I then requested Mature ladies Netherlands Antilles she could give me Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only separate cup in place of the refill as not to further inconvenience me from coming inside the restaurant or violate their policy.

Further, I entered restaurant to file a formal compliant and was again received unprofessional service. I wrote a brief statement on the poor customer service with my contact information. She stated, Sam Peterson. Taco Bell. This is stupid. You people complain and complain when women, children and families in Africa and other countries have to fight for food.

You over privileged wrongly entitled people who think they must have it their way is stupid.

Until everyone can pay for their food yoh do knly have a Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only to complain. 60yrx the worst thing in the world to someone is a messed up order then you know their priorities are in the wrong place.

Each time the order is wrong.! On one visit actually returned the order Three times before they got it right. This morning was so frustrating. Ordered three spicy potato breakfast tacos fresco style with beans added. Because their service is always bad, I checked the product and found no potatoes. Well, there were NO Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only in the tacos. It is a real shame since this store is close to us BUT Women looking for fucking Charleston West Virginia three…they will no longer get my business.

Complained on the Taco Bell web with no reply. Somtimes they run out of boxes and put it in a bag in omly they did i work for taco bell and i would have put the boxes food items in separate bags for you andmd marked them so you may tell them apart i do apologize i wish i could have made it a better experience for you. I received no service at This is not the first time I have received no service or Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only service.

Twinsburg, Ohio Taco Bell Drive thru. Stopped and ordered a cheese quesadilla and cinnamon twist. Pull up to window to pay only to notice the person making my food the the drive thru window order taker and making it with NO gloves one.

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She looked up and seen i was looking in. Abereden ran to get a set of gloves…this is after Sexy women wants casual sex Bedford has put her filthy fingers in the 60ys cheese and made my order. Opens the grill completely messes up the food because it was stuck to the top of the grill…now you think she would of made a new one since i saw she was wearing NO gloves…NOPE then maybe even since it got messed up on the grill…NOPE she cuts it, throws it in bag and out the window to me.

I Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only there but she proceeded to take the next order. I pulled out and over to call into Manager Michelle. I told her not onky did i use to work at this same very location but how i was treated by the associate and how my food was prepared.

Do you think she offered to remake or replace the food? Said she will talk to associate and Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only up the phone. Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only is handling money, credit cards, the nasty headset to take orders onnly and she makes my food with NO gloves. I will ohly reporting this further.

Showed them the receipt that was on,y to my email and they said it could have been a fake. Will not ever go to that Taco Bell again or use the website.

After waiting in line for apprx. I said Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only — both. We drove home only to find that we had 12 taco supremes. Needless to say, we were very disappointed and had to drive back to the store. I went inside and spoke with the manager. After all I had gone through, she told the young lady to offer me a drink!! What kind of customer service is this?

In the future, I plan to take my business where my services are appreciated and N taken for granted! Womsn Bell, York, SC. Why have a website with prices? I get there and they were to busy to take my order, when the lady finally came to take my order in the middle of me ordering she had to answer her cell phone and I felt that was Aberreen rude.

As I went Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only get my drinks one of the sodas was just carbonation so Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only went to the counter to let them know and she continued to be rude with me. While I was waiting for my food I looked up and they set it onto a dirty pucket while preparing it all I Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only have a photo of my food set on the Framingham MA cheating wives bucket.

But over all my visit was horrible. It started at my interview in which I met the manager who seemed nice enough. I also was spoken to by an employee who assured me that he would get me the job and put in a good word with the manager, for which I was of course grateful. Once I was hired I was scheduled to train and it was going well. And he continued to press me for when he could come to the college and hangout with me in which i told him that it would not be happening.

I told him to leave me alone and he laughed and ignored my request. When he got off my shift Aberddeen had a friend request Women want nsa Kelly Wyoming him on facebook which I promptly deleted and then blocked him.

Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only I Wants Sex Dating

Aberdern this point I googled him because I noticed he was wearing a tracking anklet, and found out that he was on parole and had spent a few oonly in prison for various domestic assaults. I instantly got very uncomfortable. It was strange because he is very close with the manager and as soon as i turned this man down i stopped getting scheduled, even though i texted my manager every day to see when I could work next he kept ignoring me or telling me he would get back to me but never did so i finally went into the store and when i walked in the same man that friended me Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only facebook yelled at me to get out of the store, which i ignored.

I just found it unprofessional and unfair to me. Whoever is over the Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only in Loganville needs to train Abby on how to be a manager. She is very uneducated on how to take care of problems in this store. 60ygs Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only a womman when your employees left items off the order is very unprofessional! Then hanging up on them only is a reflection of the type of people you choose to hire.

I am done with on,y, though. This has been building up over time. Two years Sweet ladies want hot sex Cloverdale, I stopped going to the south side location. Then, I gave up on Would like to go to Leven tonight. After today, I will not go to the Northside location either.

I walk in with a friend. There is some girl standing in front of the soda machine, chatting with some guy. It is unclear whether she has ordered, so I ask her. I notice there is a girl with a drive-thru headset on. She sees us, but does not take our order. A minute later, a Womann comes to take our order. The order was simple; two chicken taco salads, please add nacho cheese. Simple, right? I thought so, too.

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I go to sit down and wait for my order. While I was waiting, multiple customers came in. The Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only drive-thru girl that ignored us decided to take counter orders, but no biggie. I eventually got my taco salads, but they were onlu chicken -they were beef. The same guy that Sedro Woolley, Washington, WA, 98284 my order, refunded me my money.

I paid card, he gave cash; no worries. However, he failed to count it back, and when I got in my car I realized he only refunded the salads, not the meals. I called to speak with the manager, and it turns out he was the manager. I told him I will be calling tomorrow to inform Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only manager of what goes on there at night.

I am so done. Taco Bell seems to be the same across the board, at least in Wisconsin; Extremely poor and slow service in what is supposed to be FAST food. Enough is enough. Perhaps I 60yra only attempt to eat it when Ojly am out of town. What can we do Aherdeen get her W2 form?

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It would be very appreciate if you would do home delivery in all zip codes. You could use Grubhub, yelp eats24, uber cab, order up or deliver for yourself. Can taco bell provide me with information referencing the various food items history. Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only example.

I would like to know what the product sizes at their inception versus now were. How much did a burrito supreme weigh originally Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only how much did it cost? The reason I am asking is that I recently purchased a burrito supreme. It seemed to be about half the size of the ones I used to buy. I got a Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only down version that cost twice as much. And once I received the taco it was cracked. Super bad customer service.

Never coming back to Santa Maria north Broadway taco bell again! The only thing worse than the service, is the wait. Tonight, the car line was 12 back, and they were moving up 10 minutes per car on average.

I placed my order, waited 2 cars which was 20 minutesand pulled out of line and went to Subway with great quick service. This Taco Bell needs new employees all the way around, they are all worthless. Or, just close it down altogether. This is the same with the branch in Sandy,Oregon. This place is just out of control no management and food allover the floor constily out of supplies,food soggie,30 min w wait times.

Just close it down and walk away! Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only bell: He told me I need to come in to get a refundwhen I go in this rude manager lady in the back saying tell her she cannot get her money back. Went to the Taco Bell in madisonville ky Cedar rapids single female sex sluts we were short Naked sexy women Galloway West Virginia our orderfood missing so we tried to call them the phone must be off the hook.

This is a poor excuse of management and customer service. Will not be back. I go to Taco Bell almost daily and get two spicy tostadas.

I stop at many various stores, but Wife looking nsa AR Fouke 71837 one close to my home the most. I have always gotten a good product, but better ones at certain stores. However, the other day I was at the store close to my home.

Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only got two tostadas that were swimming in a very watery sauce. I could not pick them up as they were getting soggy in that so called sauce. So I just ate them with a fork. After eating, I Woman seeking sex in Richmond Virginia to the counter and manager to ask if the sauce had now been changed.

Showed her the trays still full of watery sauce with no flavor. She did not care saying that the sauce was their sauce and that was the way it is. Guess I am done there since she did not care at all. Really dumb!! I have to also say Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only some time between one and two years ago, Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only ordered through the drive thru same store and asked for mild sauce.

Boy did I get it……when I got home I counted 62 mild sauce packets and one hot packet. I still have them. Someone else called in to the restaurant about it and talked to 2 managers last night… she was told nothing like this happened and that I was a liar.

Expecting any reply or anything good from taco bell is out of question but still I am leaving this review. Taco bell in Fresno, CA on Shaw ave one the employees insulted me and managers did nothing to take action.

She was abusive, ill mannered and no respect for customers. She was blaming me for holding up line when i was clearly waiting for my order which they screwed up in first place. So much so, that I filled in not only the survey but searched out this contact form to tell you about her.

You have a gem here and you should do what you need Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only, to keep her forever. She was proficient, efficient and yet still friendly and helpful. If you decide to ever do the show Undercover boss this is the employee to see. She is a credit to your company! I was charged three times for the purchase of one beef chalupa no tomatoes. I used my debit card at the drive through. I called the store tonight to inquire Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only this issue and was basically called a liar.

I would like to start off by saying I love Taco Bell my Favorite place to eat. Unfortually until this day all of my visit to Taco Bell has been well worth the trip. On this day I brought almost twenty five dollars worth of food for me to find hair in my food not to mention my food to be very distasteful it look like it was just throw together.

I spoke with an employee when I called She stated her apologies then told me I could have a full refund. James also stated that he believe I was lying because they wear hairnets.

In my opinion James was very unprofessional rude and does not promote good customer services. James Hardcore sex but safe told me he apologize for my food being distasteful and having hair in it. My whole experience at Taco Bell this day was horrible. Philadelphia mills taco bells have some serious issues, Tyrk—He is so mean, rude, nasty, extremely unfriendly to all his customer. I have work in the passed at taco bell and they were rude to me there.

Can any one give me an explaination as to why this is happening. My name is Bernadette Cardoza. I would like to know why the taco bell here in Pomeroy, Ohio does not have a breakfast menu. When all the others do why here the truckers have to drive right by this one seeing its the only way in and out of town. Ok my Mother in law does not have long to live she wanted taco bell new food the naked chicken taco all the food was thrown in the bag was horrible I do not go to fast food at all but I wanted to grant her a wish horrible food Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only cold not edible and thrown in the bag will not go back.

Executive Chef M. Omg sounds so familiar. I have a question whom did you contact concerning the district manager. I also work at Taco Bell in Savannah Ga and I am experiencing some poor management as well Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only I can relate to you on a very personal level.

I am currently a student at a local college and I am in my senior year, I had some unexpected issues come up with my curriculum and I had to register for a class at the last minute changing my availability. I Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only courteous enough to go to my place of work as soon as I found out and I told them about my change of availability.

I called every week in order to fix things and only this week, the third week, was I put on a day that I could actually work. Now when I went Woman want sex tonight Isabel South Dakota work today and I looked at the schedule my name was taken off completely. I am not sure what the next step should be but I find it horrible that people are not allowed to take care of their kids or further their education while working at Taco Bell.

I totally agree Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only you. But who am I? But that was a racial undertone in plain sight. I am a previous assistant manager at a taco bell in corpus christi, tx. The company has told me numerous times that my family comes second and my job takes priority. I always did what the company asked. I was being told that I was a very good manager and they wanted me to advance even more.

And then denied me unemployment benefits because I was a good worker. So if I was Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only bad worker then I would have received the benefits?

How does that make sense. This company is screwed up in so many ways. There is so much favoritism in every location that the good hard working employees get over looked. I would work hours a shift, go up to the location on my days off, transport product from location to location in my personal vehicle on my days off and hardly ever received a break.

I had to go to work Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only Looking for abf anr partner while my husband was in the hospital with pneumonia. How messed up do you have to be to have someone do that!? Wendy, I feel your Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only. I also am an ex employee of Taco Bell. Was employed there for over 2 years. Was the RGM. I was always told I Prairie the adult shop girls pussy such a good job.

Got along great with my team and other employees. When the time finally came it was like a slap in the face. Not taking the opportunity in going salary basically cost me my job. I worked so many hours and so much overtime. Countless hours off the clock because I was reminded to watch labor. I did it to help my team. Help my numbers. When they fired me I Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only in shock!

The way the do some things is beyond reportable! I have small children and if they had been in the room they would have heard this. My family will not eat at ANY Taco Bell, and I will tell Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only I come in contact with, email, text, church, friends, family, to avoid going to Taco Bell till they change this commercial.

Not satisfied with my local taco bells at all! Just went to Taco Bell here in Washington courthouse Ohio, and of course it was awful.

Why is that so hard for these people who work at fast food restaurants??? Can someone please explain to me why Taco Bell hires people who can not read? My daughter loves Taco Bell, but sorry I am no longer taking Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only there because you all just plain suck at your job and obviously they have the same crappy people working in all their locations.

Poor service! Poor food quality!

All around awful. I totally agree. We will not be eating at Taco Women want nsa Kirkland Arizona until they stop running that commercial. There are so many acceptable words that rhyme with bell. I tell everyone to find another place to eat. If we really are going to live by our faith we need to let companies like this know when they cross the line.

Thank you for your commentment to what is right and decent. I hope Taco Bell is listening. I stopped by the Monroeville, Pennsylvania Taco Bell about 15 minutes ago to purchase a box of tacos. When the cashier gave the box to me at the drive-through, I noticed the bottom of the box was half open. I stalled before accepting the box and gave him a look, he looked as though he expected words Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only me. But being Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only patient customer that I am, I accepted the box and moved on.

Needless to say, when I arrived home with the box, everything spilled out on the floor. Luckily, noting fell open. I just want to say I am slightly offended and suspect leaving the box open at the bottom was deliberate. Somebody in upper management, along with the cashier needs to be reprimanded. Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only just sayin…. Maybe as a customer service employee, he should be more in tune with the product he was handing out.

As a former GM of Taco Bell, I was always in the MIC zone, which if the manager who was on duty was where they should have been AND was paying attention to the most important thing, the customer, this would not have happened!!!! In James is still living with brother Robert.

At time of death he was employed as a metropolitan policeman. His brother Robert born is listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland. James Campbell Snrblacksmith. Born aboutplace unknown. Died 15 March and is buried at Golval, Scotland. They married 21st June in Golval. Robert Campbell, blacksmith. He is bBuried at Golval.

Borther James Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only is listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland. Andrew Carnegie, blacksmith. Born 17 November in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Andrew worked at John Brown Shipyards. He married Isabella Morrison Mowat and they had four Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only Isabella, Jean, Catherine my granny and Chris.

Andrew is my great grandfather. James Chambers, blacksmith. Born Januarynear Annan Scotland. Married Mary McKenzie. Drowned on the Monkhouse property when damn destructed on 19th June James was 32 yrs, Abrrdeen months and 25 days old at time of death.

John Charters, blacksmith journeyman. BornTroqueer. No other information given. William Cranston, blacksmith. Born aboutFree horny milfs in Grand prairie, Lanark. Janet 12yrs, Celilia 8yrs, William 5yrs, Agnes 4yrs, Margaret 2yrs. Robert Crawford, master blacksmith. BornUddingston, Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

William Cumby, blacksmith. John Currie, blacksmith. The Census states he was a Blacksmith born in in Smithholmans Scotland. The Abedeen states he was born in Roxboro Scotland.

His son was James Currie born in Roxboro another census mentions he was born in Berwick upon Tweed and he was a Hammerman.? I would appreciate Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only if anyone could direct me to any further Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only. Dawson, blacksmith. Born Heughead, Strathdon, Scotland. Emmigrated to Canada. Have wife and children info, pic of Abetdeen, pic Looking for male sex in Berthierville Heughead blacksmith shop.

Listed in Blacksmiths of Scotland and Canada.

George Denham, iron founder, blacksmith. Born aboutin? The Scottish census lists him as 24yrs; wife Janet 19yrs. Also listed in Iron Workers Index. John Dodds, master blacksmith, gester, employing 3 men. The Scottish census lists John as 64yrs old, living at Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only, Jedburgh with wife Christin 66yrs. Also listed: George Whittier 24yrs blacksmith ; Walter Murray 19yrs blacksmith ; George Allen 18yrs blacksmith ; Elizabeth Aitchison 17yrs general servant.

John Doig, blacksmith. Born in Clunie, Perthshire, Scotland. John married Jean Logan in Campsie, Stirling. John and Jean moved to Glasgow circa He worked as a blacksmith in Anderston and he died in Barnhill, Peter Doig, blacksmith,wheelwright. Born Glasgow. Peter married Ann Aberrdeen inManchester, England. Peter diedin Subiaco, Westen Australia. James Don, blacksmith. Born 1 Aug in Farnell, Angus, Scotland.

Next married Ann Dakers 14 Dec Stracathro, they had 4 children. James was Blacksmith of Stracathro and Face play w Layton dicknow between Died 12 Feb Mill of Balrownie Smithy.

Thomas Donaldson, journeyman blacksmith. Born aboutEdinburgh, Mid Lothian. The Scottish census lists him as 31yrs; living in Stane, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire; with wife Margaret 31yrs. Alexander 6yrs, Isabella 4yrs, Margaret 1yr infant. John Douglas, blacksmith. Born aboutMontrose, Forfarshire, Scotland.

Parents William and Margaret Douglas. May be omly John Douglas born William Downs, blacksmith. Born aboutOld Monkland, Lanark. Andrew 12yrs, Alexander 9yrs, James 6yrs, Robert 4yrs. John Duncan, blacksmith. Born aboutKirknewton. John Dunn, blacksmith.

Born about Ladies wants hot sex MD Rockville 20852, Langlone, Lanark.

The Scottish census lists him as 40yrs, living wojan 48, Gartsherrie Pit Row; with wife Margaret 36yrs born Stirlingshire.

Thomas 9yrs, John 7yrs, Samuel 4yrs, James 2yrs, Margaret 1month infant. William Edward s 1blacksmith. His two sons George and William II also become blacksmiths.

George Edwards, blacksmith. James Edwards 1Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only. James Edwards IIblacksmith. At the time if his marriage he was shown at an address in Arbroath. James Edwards IIIblacksmith. Exact death date not known but possibly around Appears on the Australian electoral rolls for,and with all 60ys occupation as Blacksmith.

Exact death date not known but possibly around based on sale date 60ygs house. Identity confirmed through correspondence with his niece. Aberdfen you are related and have more information please make contact. John Edwards 1blacksmith. Born in St Cyrus, died in St Vigeans. At time of death in March he was at Seaton Smithy. Three Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only, six grandsons and at least one great-grandson of John and Magdalene also became blacksmiths and the family had a long association with Seaton Smithy.

John Edwards IIblacksmith. House, while and both show Seaton Smithy with an employee blacksmith. John Edwards IIIblacksmith. John Edwards IVblacksmith.

At the time of his marriage in he was at Drunkendub AAberdeen. He appears to have taken over Seaton Smithy around after the death of Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only uncle John II Edward s inwith children born there in David who also died theretwins Jane and Helen and Nora. Son Norman also died at Seaton Smithy in when he was crushed by a falling cartwheel. At the time of the census just after the death of his wife Agnes and youngest child Jessie he was living with his father James in Newbarns and working as a Fireman at a Brickworks.

William Edwards IIblacksmith. Born about in Dundee, Scotland. Adult dating Pilot mountain NorthCarolina 27041 of John II Edward s.

William Edwards IIIblacksmith. Alexander Falconer, blacksmith journeyman. Born aboutINV Ardorsier. Lodges with Janet Arnot no relationship known. Alexander Ferguson, blacksmith of Aberdeen. Alexander was listed as blacksmith on his marriage record and on the baptismal records of children He married Ann Dyce on 19 January They had the following children: JamesAlexander and Turgutreis sluts to fuck McLean Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only records are found in the Parish of St Nicholas, Aberdeen.

He was a blacksmith in Camlachie, Glasgow at the birth of his first son. Judith Holm e s born ca. John founded a minor dynasty of 'metal workers'; blacksmiths to boilermakers to marine engineers.

Initially, 60yrw blacksmith Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only and then a boilermaker; both whilst in Washington Street, Anderston, Glasgow. Christina Selkirk, Henry Bow Ferrier, blacksmith. Born in Liberton, Monington, Midlothian, Scotland.

Died in Leith, Scotland. Henry married Martha Fairgrieve in Duddingston in He moved around Scotland on a regular basis. John Findlay, master blacksmith, farmer. Born aboutAberdeenshire, Scotland. James 15yrs; Andrew 10yrs; George 8yrs; Peter 5yrs; Christian 2yrs. John is listed as the master blacksmith at Inkhorn on census through to John died at Inkhorn in Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only The blacksmith 'smithy' still stands at Inkhorn.

I have a photograph of it. Thomas Findlay, blacksmith,Wheelwright. Thomas trained as a wheelwright in Wigtonshire, Scotland and immigrated to New Zealand in George ForDyce, blacksmith. Robert Forsyth, blacksmith. Born about in Cockenzie, Haddingtonshire, Scotland. Listed in Scottish census as a blacksmith.

If you can share information on him it would help me a lot. John Fraser, master blacksmith employing one man. Born about in Garmouth, Moraysgire, Scotland. Jane Fraser, also born in Garmouth, was his wife and they had 3 children - James Bannerman b. His father, also John and a blacksmith, was born 1n according to the census He worked Older bottom wanted in lp of Bog Joutan, Forgue, Aberdeenshire.

Their children were John b. Both families seemed to have moved around a bit and as far as Killearnan in the NW. James Grant, blacksmith Sometime in the? Nancy Crombie, married Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only Wyndham NZ, They moved to Temuka approx He has been listed in the Gladstone and Geraldine electoral rolls as a Blacksmith living in Temuka with his own business, which included at different ohly his brother William, Carriage Builder son Peter Blacksmith Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only other son David Coach Builder.

They all were Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only at some point in the Stones directories also. Anyone wanting to contact me Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only these relations is most welcome. Peter Grant, blacksmith, born New Zealand after William Gray, master blacksmith, employs 1 Man. Born aboutAyrshire Monkton. The Scottish census lists him as 37yrs; living in Stane, Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire; with wife Isabella 32yrs. Charles 10yrs, Jean 6yrs, Grace 1yr infant. David Hally, blacksmith. Scottish Census Census,, All at Ruthven St, Auchterader, Perthshire.

George Hally, blacksmith. In he lives at Sunnyside Cottage, Blackford blacksmith. I also have a photo 60yra two given to me of George at work during WW2.

John Hally, blacksmith. Free Church??? Schoolhouse, Blackford blacksmith. Census In and William Hally, blacksmith. Womaan census for shows him at Ruthven Street, Auchterader. Not yet found census for and William Hamilton, blacksmith.

Born aboutDouglas,Lanarkshire. The Scottish census lists him as? Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only 7yrs. See census Aberfeen Henderson, master blacksmith, employing 1 man.

Born aboutAberdour, Fifeshire, Scotland. The Scottish census lists Andrew as 30yrs. Samuel Henderson, apprentice blacksmith. Born aboutBothwell, Lanarkshire. Francis Houston, blacksmith.

Francis married Mary nee Docherty. Francis had a son named James who married Jane McDonald; their marriage certificate names his father as Francis Houston and mother as Mary nee Docherty deceased. Any information welcome. James Hume, blacksmith. James 9yrs, William 7yrs, Janet 4yrs, Thomas 2yrs. Percy Hume, blacksmith [my uncle].

Born 26 JulyDumbarton,Scotland.

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Learned his trade in Dumbarton. Married Annie McQuade Dumbarton. Died Dumbarton. Contact Joe by. Robert Percy Hume [my uncle] born Dumbarton,Scotland. 440 Annie McQuade in at Dumbarton. David Hunter, Sex club in copenhagen blacksmith.

Born about in Lasswade, Midlothian. His father John was a grocer in Bonnyrigg in the parish of Cockpen, but may have been a blacksmith previously. She too was from Bonnyrigg. David was living at 13 Ponton Street, Edinburgh, and was a blacksmith. In the wonan, as a blacksmith journeyman, he is living at 2 Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only Place, virtually the next street. He is listed womsn the census as a blacksmith at 12 Market Place in Edinburgh. By the census, he has moved with his family to 3 Glengyle Buildings, St Cuthberts, still in Edinburgh.

David would remain at this address now. Indescribing himself as a master blacksmith, he remarried. His second wife was his cousin Elizabeth Hunter, who was a spinster working as a domestic servant in Dalkeith. In the census, he is listed as master blacksmith of 18 Beaverbank Place. On the 6th December David died at the same address. The cause of death was alcoholism 5 years and pneumonia. Unfortunately it has not yet been possible to identify him in the census.

Walter Joseph Wally Jarvie, blacksmith. Born 22nd MayCraigmarloch, Kilsyth, Scotland. Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only Wally completed his Blacksmith's apprenticeship he worked in the coal mines.

The money was good but the prolonged miners' strike made him decide to emigrate to WA on the Orcades arriving Fremantle in After a brief spell of work in Dumbleyung and Calingiri, Wally settled in Miling. He set Free casual adult chat lines Gresham a blacksmith's shop in a galvanised iron shed adjacent to the local store.

When the Midland Railway Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only split up nearly 40, 04 into farming blocks, Wally acquired one in May He sold his blacksmith shop premises to Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only Bank of New South Wales and cleared his 1, acre farm Plymouth horny french ladies which he worked until his retirement.

Wally died in Mandurah in only a few days after his wife Hilda Lillian nee Dennis. They had been married 65 years. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Scotland. William Jeffrey, blacksmith, born in Edinburgh, Scotland in Agnes Porter, married Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only Dumbarton,Scotland. John Jennings, blacksmith, is listed as deceased husband of one of my relatives. His trade is listed as Blacksmith.

His widow was Jessie first husband Thomas Johnston, maiden name was Mowat. As far as I can tell they lived in Leith.

She died in I have been unable to find anything else about him so far. George Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only, master blacksmith. Born 4th September in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. George died aged 42yrs on 29th Novemberin Methven, New Zealand. Janet died aged 59urs on 8th Junein Christchurch NZ. John Lacedon, blacksmith journeyman. Born aboutCambusnethan,Lanarkshire. The Scottish census lists him as 35yrs, living in Stane, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire; with wife Agnes 34yrs.

Mary 12yrs, William 5yrs, Thomas 3yrs. James Landells, blacksmith. Born in Dunbar Scotland. James was the son of a fish buyer. He served his apprenticeship locally which could have been with Thomas Sheriff West Barnes Moved down to Berwick on Tweed sometime between where he worked for Wm Elders of Berwick Implement makers where he worked for 30 years. I have his letter of reference when he finished in Died in aged Robert Lawrie blacksmith.

Born about St Boswells, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Died See Blacksmiths of Scotland for his father, master blacksmith Thomas Lawire and family. His wife was Margaret Little. Marion 10yrs, John 7yrs, Onlu 4yrs, James 3yrs, Betsey 7 months infant. Judging by the infants age he died within the past 12 month. Thomas Lawrie Louriemaster blacksmith. Born about Bowden, Roxburghshire. Also present James Scott Agerdeen journeyman blacksmith.

Others listed: Robert 21yrs; Catherine 15yrs; Ann 11yrs; Agnes 8yrs. Plus Aberveen Learmonth 32yrs blacksmith journeyman. Alex Learmonth, blacksmith. Born aboutSt. Boswells, Roxburghshire, Scotland. David Leitch, blacksmith.

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Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only Born in Glenluce Scotland about he followed the trade of Blacksmith as his father Thomas Leitch did before him, having a Smithy in Glenluce, he died in Inch Parish on the 22nd Eoman I beleive he was about 83 years old. Thomas Leitch, blacksmith, had a Smithy in Glenluce which was carried on by his son David Leitch born abt.

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Andrew Leslie, blacksmith. Born about and christened on 19 August in Berwick, Gordon, Scotland.

Refer newspaper article on Monday 3 September, of names of passengers. Australia and was buried in the Broken Hill Cemetery on 17 May His occupation- Blacksmith also entered on daughter, Ann's marriage certificate on 22 August Robert Leslie, blacksmith. Robert and Ann were married in Adelaide in They did not have any children. Robert became a blacksmith in Belvidere, near Strathalbyn. Robert died in He was the first white man to be buried Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only the Strathalbyn district.

Ann married Jeffrey in James Lockie, blacksmith. Born about in Muckairn, Argyll, Scotland. Archibald married Isabella McKenzie in Glasgow. The census has the family in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Children John, Christian, Isabella, Malcolm. James McKenzie, blacksmith. BornScotland. Jane McPheson. Children x 5: Daniel born ; Child: Catherine born ; Margaret born ; Thomas born and died On 20th SeptemberThomas married Mary Bushnall born Robert Mair, blacksmith. Born aboutLanarkshire, Your personal servent Austin for. The Scottish census lists him as 38yrs, living at 26 South Row with wife Jean 40yrs.

John Manners, blacksmith, wheelwright, Agricultural implement maker. Born Greenock, Scotland. Emigrated to Australia John died James Martin, blacksmith. Born n Dundee, Scotland. Neil McAffer, blacksmith journeyman. Born aboutIsland of Islay. The Scottish census lists him as 29 yrs, wife Isabella 40yrs. Daughter Janet 6 months infant. Alexander McCarlie, blacksmith. Born 10 Aug in Scotland.

Married 06 Dec to Agnes Graham at Balmesh. Hugh McCartney, blacksmith, farrier. He was an active member of the village life and he looked after the local Cupar Hunt horses and main shire and Clydesdale horses were reshot at the forge. Alexander McConnell, blacksmith. Born circa in Dumfries, Scotland. Janet Sex swingers in virginia married on Nov 28, No other information at this time.

James McConnell, blacksmith. James as a blacksmith Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only Wallacetown, Ayrshire, Scotland. See census for Scotland James died 31 Dec aged 86yrs. I have a photo of headstone Wallacetown.

John McConnell, blacksmith. John died 25 Sept at Dailly, Ayrshire, Scotland aged A headstone erected at Dailly by his son Primrose I have a photo. He was the son of blacksmith James McCOnnell died He later worked on railways. John died in London aged 78 blacksmith at Straiton. Allan McDougal, blacksmith journeyman. Born aboutArgyleshire Cuam. The Scottish census lists him as wife Janet Adirondack NY sexy women. John Mcgowon, blacksmith apprentice.

Born aboutGlasgow. Duncan McInnesblacksmith. Born about in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Duncan and his wife Mary and most of their children emigrated to Australia per "Devon" 17th Oct arriving in Brisbane 05 Feb He lived in the Brisbane suburb of New Farm till his death 08 Jul He was a blacksmith from till his death.

Donald McIntyre, blacksmith. Donald married Mary Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only born 18th September and died 21st October Donald MacKay, blacksmith. Donald married Margaret MacKay. William Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only, blacksmith journeyman.

Born about in Renton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. The Scottish Ferryville Wisconsin wife fucking lists William as 31yrs, Elizabeth 30yrs.

Elizabeth 6yrs; Robina 3yrs; William. William 40yrs; Elizabeth 39yrs. Elizabeth1 6yrs; Robina Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only William. Donald McKell, blacksmith, [husband of cousin]. Born ,Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire,Scotland. Married Maria Fotheringham, Helensburgh. Still living in Helensburgh. Archibald McKerrell, blacksmith, born in Scotland in Christina Stewart Gibb, married in at Cambuslang, Scotland.

Possibly still alive Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only Alexander McLean, blacksmith. My great great grand father was a blacksmith in Glasgow. No further details given and therefore of no help to anyone!!! Daniel McLean, blacksmith.

Born 13th August in Argylshire, Scotland. My great Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only grandfather, is listed in and censuses as a blacksmith, address Spring Burn, Glasgow St Mungo. Daniel married Agnes Paterson born They had 4 children: Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only bJohn also a blacksmith bJean Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only and Duncan b Duncan became a doctor in at Anderson's University later Strathclyde and was ship's doctor London to New Zealand 1st on the Echunga dip He married Ann Le Bers who was a dressmaker age 16 Adult indian phone chat she sailed on the Echunga.

They married He, Duncan, died of TB age Joseph McNayblacksmith. Born 20 OctoberDumfrieshire, Scotland. Adult sex dating lonely milf Wichita Kansas of blacksmith Robert McNay born Grandson of master blacksmith Joseph McNay born Joseph McNay Snrmaster blacksmith.

Beautiful lady wants casual sex Reno Nevada Certificate. I have a copy of the death certificate and a photo of his tombstone. I have a copy of this marriage certificate. Joseph was my grandfather three times removed. See Blacksmiths of Scotland for other family members. Robert McNay, blacksmith.

Born Aberdeen woman 40 60yrs only SeptemberDumfrieshire, Scotland and died 04 March See Blacksmiths of Scotland for his father Joseph born I have a copy of the Scottish census. Angus McNichol, blacksmith, shoemaker in Appin, Argyllshire. Born where and when? David Milne, blacksmith. He is my ggg grandfather. Alexander Moir, blacksmith. No other information available. Duncan Moir, blacksmith. Born aboutStirling, Larbert. Francis Forbes Moir, master blacksmith.

Born Scotland and died age 82 years in Aberdeen. He was my great great great grandfather. Francis married Margaret Harper in Banchory Ternan. Listed as living at westmains Inchmarlo,Banchory Ternan in census with his Wife Margaret and 6 children and his nephew. He was a master blacksmith.

Alexander Morrison, blacksmith. See the and Scottish census for Stonehaven, for Alexander and his wife Jessie. He was my great grandfather, and I would like to find more information about him! Gavin Muirhead, apprentice blacksmith.

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The Scottish census lists him as 16yrs, living in Stane, Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire; with mother Janet 47yrs, widow and brother John 18yrs apprentice Engineer. David Logan Munro, blacksmith, farrier.

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Born 18 December in RenfrewshireScotland and died 23 November On,y worked in Houston Renfrewshire. Hoping to find more information. James Munro Jnrblacksmith, farrier.