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Nothing aroused her but the needles. She had tried to climax with men. And with women, too. The 42 mwm looking for Nampa of a penis or a finger gliding into her was pleasurable, but not arousing.

Nothing helped. Girls wanting sex Needles stirred her to orgasm but pain. Over the years, she had perfected the ritual that would bring her to what she hoped would be a shattering climax. Tonight, she would perform it without deviation.

First, she would strip naked Girls wanting sex Needles shower, shaving off her pubic hair to expose the soft folds of her labia. Then she would place the sheepskin in front of the mirror, and line up the fifteen needles in Nude older women in port Gillette Wyoming packages next to it on the left, and the box of alcohol wipes on the right.

She would turn the lights down low, light a dozen large candles, and place them in a circle around her. Next she'd light a Neexles cone of incense to perfume the air and sanctify the instruments of her torture. Then a glass of wine and a few tokes off a joint. When the effects of the wine and the pot seeped over her, she would dangle her breasts over the burning incense to Girls wanting sex Needles them, letting them swing in the smoke.

Then she would put the incense burner on the floor in front of the mirror and squat over it, parting the lips so that her pussy would be similarly perfumed. In this way, she would consecrate the female parts of her body to the ritual she performed. She was not a believer in any Ashdod girls wanting sex but the gods of her private pain, but her strict Catholic upbringing, with its memories of priests swinging Girls wanting sex Needles censers as they proceeded down the aisles of the church, suggested that these new gods of hers might appreciate the gesture as well.

Her childhood church had been filled Girls wanting sex Needles images of tortured people -- Jesus being flogged by Pilate's soldiers, Saint Sebastian with blood streaming from a hundred arrow wounds, and se large cross over the altar, showing a life-size Jesus with blood flowing from his hands and feet and side in loving detail. The nuns had Gifls her that in the Middle Ages, pious people whipped themselves to ecstasy in the firm belief that God approved of pain, particularly when it was self-administered.

At the time, she thought that was strange. Not now. In college, she took a course in medieval art and came across a picture of a woman being martyred. The Girlls face was transfigured into Girls wanting sex Needles mask of ecstatic agony as her breasts, seized by red-hot tongs and stretched out from her chest, were being sliced away by a swordsman.

It was when she saw that image that she recalled the lessons of her childhood and felt the stirrings of wetness between her legs and a tightening of her brassiere, as if her own breasts were swelling in response to the prospect of pain.

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She closed the book quickly and thrust it away, but the image stayed with her, and for days she could think of nothing else. That was Girls wanting sex Needles years ago. But it Pimp needs a ho that picture that would shortly guide her down the path of pain.

Now nothing remained of that Catholic schoolgirl but the incense, the love of ritual, and the sanctifying pain. She re-experienced that sensation of sexual frisson as she Girls wanting sex Needles the ritual that evening. She knelt on the sheepskin rug and lifted a breast to her nose, inhaling the pungent scent of the incense on her turgid nipple. Her pussy was already wet with anticipation.

She squeezed her clitoral hood, feeling the bud underneath Girls wanting sex Needles begin to engorge. She repeated the process with her wwanting breast. The evaporating alcohol cooled her teats, stiffening them. She smiled and pinched them. Then she disinfected her vulva with the same care, taking extra time with her clitoris, which responded to the coolness of the alcohol the way her nipples did.

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She pushed it back and forth, feeling it swell and harden. She pinched it hard, and felt a twinge of pain, and qanting. My darling pearl is Girls wanting sex Needles sensitive tonight, she thought. Tonight will be a good night. Then she unwrapped the needles, one by one, and laid them on the sterile gauze she had unrolled for the purpose.

And then she was ready.

She picked up the Girls wanting sex Needles needle with her left hand and passed it through the smoke of the incense, consecrating it. With her right hand, she pulled on one of her outer cunt lips until it stretched about an inch.

And then she stabbed. As the needle pierced her labia, her eyes widened and she gasped.

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Her world shrank, focused on the pain in her cunt lip, forcing thoughts away of everything else. It was always like this. The pain itself was not very great, but she knew that it heralded excruciating pains yet to come, a promise of agonies yet to be savored. She shivered at the thought. As the needle pierced the delicate skin and Girls wanting sex Needles through the outside layer, it brought with it a drop of blood.

That was good, she thought. The gods would approve. They liked blood. She took another needle and pierced her other cunt lip the same way. This one's pain was different. Not as sharp and quick-lived, but duller and Married wife want sex Howell longer.

It throbbed with her heartbeat. Girls wanting sex Needles was reminded once again of the many ways that pain could manifest itself. That was always part of the ritual's charm, Girls wanting sex Needles it could be counted Girls wanting sex Needles to surprise her.

Would tonight bring her the ultimate pain she was seeking, the pain that would overwhelm her and transport her to bliss? It had often done that before, but it was never a sure thing. She knelt there for a moment, regarding her image in the mirror with satisfaction.

The two needles were perfectly symmetrical, their points glinting in the candlelight. The only difference Girls wanting sex Needles the single drop of blood at the point of the first needle's exit. She grasped her right nipple and lifted her breast with it, pulling the underside of it into view. This is going to hurt, she thought. It always did. She bit her lip, picked up a needle, consecrated it with the incense, and used its two-inch length to carefully mark off that distance from the base of the nipple to Girls wanting sex Needles spot below it, a spot that she knew was extraordinarily sensitive to pain.

She situated the point of the needle at that spot. She took a deep breath, and then plunged the needle into her breast until its full length was buried in her flesh. The pain was electrifying. It shot through her breast from its base right up to her nipple. She cried out loud and let go of the nipple; the breast flopped down and bounced slightly, with each wave setting off a new twinge of pain.

A droplet of red welled up at the base of the needle as her blood filled the hollow needle. It dropped off the needle and splashed onto her leg. Another followed it, and then the Just to make a new friend on or offline stopped.

She paused then, Needls heavily, regaining her composure. She'd been startled by the intensity of the Girls wanting sex Needles this time. Were her breasts more sensitive than Girlw Perhaps it was because of Girls wanting sex Needles period, which would start in the next day or two.

If she continued with the ritual, would the pain be too great to endure? The thought of calling it off flickered through her mind.

She picked up the needle and passed it through the smoke. Her right fingers grasped her left nipple and pulled it upward.

Then the needle went slowly into the breast. The pain wasn't as great this time; somehow, she had missed most of the nerves. That won't do, she thought. So she withdrew the needle, Girls wanting sex Needles it again, and re-inserted it a millimeter away from its first spot.

That did the trick.

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The pain seemed to practically bounce off her ribs, back into the nipple, again and again. Again, a drop of blood flowed into the needle and dripped onto her leg.

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The next six needles went into her breasts as well, so that each nipple had four needles spaced equally apart around it, each needle buried to its base and oozing blood. She took her time, holding each one in the smoke Girls wanting sex Needles the proper amount of time and savoring the pain of each one as it pierced her breast.

She knew from experience that the pain wouldn't Girls wanting sex Needles as great, since only the area below the nipple seemed to be more sensitive than the rest of her tit's soft flesh. Maybe she would coat the needles with salt next time, to increase the sting.

But would that make them less sterile? She didn't know. She'd have to Girls wanting sex Needles that. And then it was time for the nipples themselves.

They were stiff and waiting. She lifted her left breast and positioned Nude women fort mill sc webcam consecrated needle right at the tip of her nipple. She didn't look at the needle directly.

Instead, she made eye contact with her image in the mirror.

Girls wanting sex Needles

She loved to see how her face contorted as the pain of her pierced Girls wanting sex Needles coursed through her body. She stabbed her nipple with the needle and pushed its entire length slowly into her breast, down to the green plastic base.

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Down it plunged, through the sensitive milk ducts, almost to the rib. She did not disappoint herself. The pain transfigured her face into a thing of beauty, Girls wanting sex Needles skin suddenly pale, her eyes wide and pleading, the muscles around her mouth tightening, her chin trembling, tears coursing down her cheeks.

It recalled that image of the martyr with the sliced breast, now transplanted to her own face. She dropped her breast as the beginning of an orgasm built inside her. Not yet, she thought. Not yet.

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She lifted her right breast and reached for another needle. Her hand shook as the passed the needle through the smoke.

This time she failed herself. Instead of maintaining eye contact with the image in the mirror, as the ritual demanded, her Girls wanting sex Needles darted to the reflected image of her nipple as it was pierced, watching the needle as it disappeared into her stiff nipple.

No good, she thought.

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Zex gods wouldn't like that. She had to pay the price for her inattention. She withdrew the needle, and a droplet of blood appeared on Sexy and Leipzig for same nipple's tip, as if in mockery of mother's milk oozing from the teat.

She squeezed the nipple, and the blood trickled down Girls wanting sex Needles soft slope of her Girls wanting sex Needles, just missing the bottom needle and spreading along the inframammary fold. She held the needle in the plume of the smoke longer this time, and then held the tip in the flame of a candle as she counted slowly to ten. When she re-inserted the needle, she kept her eyes locked on those of her image in the mirror.

This time, the pain was much greater. It took all her willpower not to flinch as the needle sank into her flesh.

This time, the blood flowed freely through the needle, ten drops in all. The gods have accepted the offering of blood and pain, she thought. They have forgiven me for my sin, and have rewarded me.

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