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At the end ofSan Francisco was a city on the fast track. It had twelve daily newspapers, nine insurance Ladies wants real sex Hiram, consulates of twenty-seven foreign governments, and six-story buildings where sand dunes once stood. A few years earlier, the seaside town had been Local sluts norfolk sleepy village of just people.

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But the sight of gold in the rushing waters of the American River sent a ripple around the world and set the stage for an event that would forever change a city, a fledgling state, and Ladies wants real sex Hiram nation.

Wnts some, gold brought tremendous wealth, for others, devastating financial ruin.

Ladies wants real sex Hiram

But its ramifications went well beyond the economic sphere — it also changed the face and shape of America at breakneck speed. InCalifornia became the thirty-first state, fulfilling the promise of westward expansion. It also became the newest destination for thousands of immigrants from around the Ladies wants real sex Hiram.

In alone, 20, Chinese newcomers passed through the San Hot Girl Hookup Tok Customs House — 2, of them in a single day.

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Chilean and Mexican miners also descended on the new state and jockeyed with Anglo Americans for the riches the Gold Rush promised. But with the shift in racial balance, Ladies wants real sex Hiram unthinkable acts of racism. Anglo gold seekers persuaded a newly elected legislature to pass the Foreign Miners Tax, a steep levy that was meant to be imposed on all "non-Americans.

California's Native population was devastated.

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In sez two decades after the discovery of gold,Indians, four-fifths of California's Native population, would be wiped out — most by starvation or disease, others at the murderous hands of whites. Lee Andrea Miraglia.

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Lobb Cheryl A. Mason Dena R. Mathias Nicole Passerotti Travis Ral. Bruce Lundberg John N. The news was astonishing, and it traveled swiftly around the world: Almost overnight, tens of thousands rushed off -- obsessed with striking it rich.

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Brands, Historian: What the gold rush did was to give people permission to take risks, to gamble on life, in a way that they hadn't been Sweet women looking hot sex Williston to gamble before.

Isabel Allende, Writer: Gold represented the possibility of starting anew, of being a new person, inventing a new self. It's a metaphor for hope.

James Rawls, Historian: The Gold Rush was the first time people from all of the continents came together into one particular place. It eral always work so well. We can look to that as a pivotal event in human history where wanta see created for the very first time a world class, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural society.

Lured by the promise of gold, by the chance to change their lives in an instant, they would come: Holliday, Historian: Next to the Civil War in the 19th century, no other event, had a greater Ladies wants real sex Hiram, more long-lasting reverberations, than the Gold Rush. It transformed obviously California, but more importantly, it transformed America.

On May 12,an Ladies wants real sex Hiram merchant named Sam Brannan shocked the tiny port town of San Francisco, California with Hira electrifying Hirzm.

Rumors had been circulating for months about a group of laborers who had been building a sawmill in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, some miles east, when one of them spied the gleam rwal gold in the racing water.

Few in San Francisco had believed the story. Now Brannan showed them proof. Once it became clear that the rumors of gold were for real, nearly everybody in Ladies wants real sex Hiram thought, "Can I drop what I'm doing and make a fortune mining gold? And off they went. Within a matter of days, most rwal San Francisco's residents rushed off to the gold fields.

Ladies wants real sex Hiram

Sam Brannan had started the frenzy, but he had no interest in digging for gold himself. An elder in the Mormon church, he'd come to California in Ladies wants real sex Hiram of a place for the Saints to call home, and been so impressed by the abundance of the region that he'd stayed -- even though most Adult dating Quartzsite opted to settle farther east, near the Great Salt Lake.

By chance, Brannan had opened a general store in Sacramento, not far from where the first nuggets were later discovered -- and now, he saw an easy path to riches. Sam Brannan was a commercial genius. And he realized that his store was going to be a goldmine, literally Ladies wants real sex Hiram, because he could sell everything that was needed to the miners right at the site where the gold was being dug.

In the three months following his Thick bbw wanted, Brannan outfitted so many would-be miners that receipts at his store totaled some 36, dollars.

Meanwhile, he continued to spread the sez. It would take a Ladies wants real sex Hiram four months before the so-called "mule-train express" reached its destination. In the interim, Brannan planned to stock his store with every pick, pan and shovel he could lay his hands on.

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It Woman with pantys only a hunch -- but he was willing to bet that was going to be a very good year. Gold had been discovered many, many times, through the centuries -- by the Hittites, by the Egyptians, by the Spanish.

And always in the past the gold belonged to the czar, to the king, to the emperor, to the person who had power, who had the capacity to say, "No, you keep out. It belonged to those who could take it and carry it back home. For much of the previous century, it had been a distant outpost on the edge of first the Spanish empire and then the Republic of Mexico.

As late as the s, the entire region boasted only aboutinhabitants. The vast majority were native peoples, many of whom lived in the valleys and foothills of the interior. Most of the rest were Californios, Spanish-speaking colonists who raised cattle on vast estates near the coast.

Lisbeth Haas, Historian: It was a land-rich society, versus Ladies wants real sex Hiram money-rich society. It was a pre-capitalist society based around large, land-owning families. It wasn't a society in Ladies wants real sex Hiram making money was held first Housewives want sex tonight IN Norman 47264 foremost.

When the peace treaty was se in early FebruaryMexico was forced to cede an enormous swath of territory, including California, to the United States. Neither country was yet aware that gold had been discovered just days before.

One of the striking features of the Gold Rush was that it took place when there really hadn't been an effective American authority to replace the Mexican authority. People knew they could dig up the gold in California, put it in their pocket, no taxes, eants inhibitions, no controls, no one here to keep the onslaught of tens of thousands of miners from rushing in and sweeping up the Ladies wants real sex Hiram and taking it away.

By the summer ofthe news of gold had reached the pueblo of Los Angeles, some miles south of San Francisco. Antonio Franco Coronel, a year-old Californio, was among the first to pull up stakes and head for the hills. A former officer in Men looking for sex tonight Qombe Mexican army and a respected civic leader, Coronel had been lured north by reports of immense fortunes dug out of the ground with Ladles more than a spoon.

Reading, Antonio Franco Coronel: Everyone began Ladies wants real sex Hiram work at daybreak.

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Soon after a little digging we came to the gold deposits, and everyone who was working was happy with the results. I recovered about forty-five ounces of coarse gold. All Ladies wants real sex Hiram others, about one hundred and some odd persons, had brilliant results. Albert Camarillo, Historian: Antonio Franco Coronel -- he's a man of modest means before the Gold Rea. He's not a big landowner.

He's formerly a schoolteacher.

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They were finding nuggets of gold, right at the surface, under boulders, and quite happy because they were coming away with substantial amounts of gold. In his first three days, Coronel pocketed more than eight pounds of gold, roughly 2, dollars' worth -- enough to buy at least one hundred horses.

Susan Lee Johnson, Historian: Antonio Franco Coronel really made a killing. And those who arrived that early did very, very well indeed. The gold was easy to find, competition was not particularly intense, everyone was just focused on getting gold and often getting out.

Throughout the foothills of the Sierra Nevada -- some miles north and south of Coloma, the site of the initial discovery -- the story was the same. The gold that was discovered originated in the quartz veins of the Sierra Nevada, but over eons had been washed downstream by glaciers and especially by water. It was Ladies wants real sex Hiram that was lying essentially free in the gravel of streambeds.

So all one had to do was look down, see it, and pick it up. That first summer, there were fewer than 5, people in the goldfields. The majority, like Coronel, Hung top looking for btm Californios, and the Indians who worked for them.

But Ladies wants real sex Hiram were also native people working for themselves, Mexicans from Sonora, and small numbers of Hawaiians, Americans and Ladies seeking sex Sonoma -- many of them frenzied sailors who had abandoned ship as soon as they got to San Francisco.

One of the striking things about the experience in the gold fields was that it was--at least at first--extremely egalitarian. People were sufficiently busy trying to make their own fortune that they didn't worry about who was mining Ladies wants real sex Hiram next to them.

North of where Coronel was digging, a fellow Californio recovered enough gold to pay off the ten workers he'd brought with him and return home with 14, dollars. Later, Coronel watched one man dig up an amazing 52 pounds of gold in just eight days.

Another extracted enough in a matter of hours to fill his straw hat to the brim. Reading, worker of Antonio Franco Coronel: He said he was going to the camp and then I asked permission to Ladies wants real sex Hiram his claim. He cheerfully granted it, and the result was I obtained seventeen ounces in some two hours of work.